Monday, August 22, 2016

FTU Tutorial: Beautiful the way you are

I am using a Tube from Keith Garvey found on his site HERE

Template 804 by Pink Paradox productions HERE

Scrap Kit Summer Swag by Irish Princess Designs HERE

Font Gabrielle HERE

Please Note I use PSPX6 and resizing and settings may be different. Please resize and use 
settings according to what you are happy with as each program can be different.

Drop shadow I use thru out unless different than it is noted
Vertical and Horizontal 2, Opacity 75, Blur 5, and Color Black

Open Template- Duplicate template close orginal template
Delete Credit Layer
Working from Bottom up (You can delete the White Background layer)

Layer 1:
Selections-Select all-Float-Defloat
New Raster Layer- Open Paper 3
Paste into selection on new layer
Effects-Texture Effects- Weave
Weave Settings: Gap Size 8, Width 4, Opacity 100, Weave Color white, Gap Color Black.
Select none
Delete Orginal Layer 1

Repeat above on Layer 2

Layer 3: 
Selections- Select all- Float-Defloat
New Raster Layer
Open paper 5
Copy and Paste into selections 
Delete Orginal Layer 3

Layer 4:
Selections-Select all-Float-Defloat
New Raster Layer
On Orginal paper 5 Mirror the paper
Than copy and paste into selections
Design on both layer 3 and 4 should be same if you mirrored
paper before pasting on Layer 4
Delete orginal Layer 4

Layer 5: 
Select-Select all-Float-Defloat
New Raster Layer
Open Paper 9
Copy and paste into selection
Effects-Texture Effects-Blinds
Blind Settings-
Width 5, Opactiy 100, Color Black,
Horizontal Not Checked
Light from left/top checked

Delete Orginal layer 5

Repeat above on layer 6

Layer 7:
Selections-SElect all-Float-Defloat
New Raster Layer
Open Paper 1
Copy and Paste into selection
Effects-Texture Effects-Mosiac Glass
Glass Settings:
Number of Columns and Rows 50, Glass and Edge Curvature 50, 
Grout Width 2, Grout Diffusion 50, 

Delete Orginal Layer 7

Repeat above on Layer 8

Layer 9:
Selections- Select all-Float-Defloat
New Raster Layer
Open Paper 4
Copy and paste Paper 4
Do not deselect
Copy and paste part of your tube you want, Resize and Position as
you like. Than I inverted to get rid of excess over hang.
Selections-Invert and hit delete to do above.
Select none and delete orginal layer 9
Drop shadow the tube
Lower opacity in layer pallete on tube
to around 45.

Layer 10:
Selections-Select all-Float-Defloat
New Raster Layer
Open Paper 1
Copy and paste Paper 1 into layer
Effects-3-d Effects-Inner bevel
Bevel Settings:
Bevel 2, Width 8, Smoothness & Ambience & Shininess all 0
Depth 20, Angel 315, Intensity 50, Elevation 30, Color white

Select none

Merge all your word layers together by using the merge down
starting from the top Word layer. Once they are all together
add a drop shadow.

Copy and paste full tube resize and position to the left of tag.

Open element 28 copy and paste onto working image
Resize 40%
Position to the right side of the image
Drop shadow

Open element 17 Copy and paste to working image
Resize 30% Position in front of element 28
Drop shadow and slightly angel the lips

Crop off excess My tube the legs were cut off so I cropped so you
couldn't see the cut off. 

Add your copyright and your name. I used the font Gabrielle using
colors from my tube and added a eye candy gradient glow. 

Merge visible and save as a png..

That is it your done and I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. 
I would love to see what you do feel free to send them to
me and I will showcase them here.

***Tags done doing this Tutorial*** Tag done by one of my tut testers Sharon

Tag done by BetsyE

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  1. Thanks for your tut Charlotte, a bit to sexy tube for me lol , but wow great tag hun.Hopefully I will try it out soon hun. xx