Monday, August 15, 2016

FTU-Tutorial "Moonlight"

Please Note I use PSPX6 and resizing and settings may be different. Please resize and use settings according to what you are happy with as each program can be different.

The way I do the tutorial is just the way it worked for me. Feel free to tweak and do things in a way that
is comfortable for you. You don't have to follow this exactly..

Drop Shadow I used through out was Vertical and Horizontal: 2, Opacity: 75, Blur: 5.00, and Color: Black. 

Tube was from Alena Lazreva this tube and all tubes by this 
artist can be found at CDO HERE

Scrapkit by Mizteeque and FTU on her site found HERE
This scrap kit is called Moonlight it is down the page a way.

Font I used was Moondance One I can not find this font. Not sure if it is free or not I have had it for years now. So I can not provide so sorry.

All right lets get started..

Open a 600 by 600 Image

Open element 3
Copy and paste to working image
Resize 80%
with your magic wand select the middle of element 3
Selecitons-Modify-Expand 10
New raster Layer

Moonlight Paper
Copy and paste into selection on the new layer
This layer should be after your element 3
In between Element 3 and moonlight paper make a new layer

Paper 15
Copy and paste into selection this should now be
in between element 3 and Moonlight paper
In your layer pallette change the layer from
Normal to Overlay.
Now you can deselect

Tube 1
Resize and Position to your liking Bottom left 
Under element 3 but above
everything else. Erase any excess over hang. 
See my image for example.
Duplicate tube layer
On duplicate go to Adjust-Blur-Gaussian blur set at 9
Change layer setting from Normal to overlay
Merge the 2 tubes together
Drop opacity to around 75
Drop Shadow

Open element 21
Resize about 80%
Move down under the circle layer
Layer and position as in picture
Open sitting tube resize to your liking
and place her like she is sitting on element 21
Drop Shadow

Open element 42
Copy and Paste into working image
Resize around 50%
Place to right of image see mine for example
Drop Shadow

Open element 14
Copy and paste
Resize about 30%
Place top left side rotate slightly
Drop Shadow

Open element 37
Copy and Paste into working image
Resize about 20%
Place over center of element 14
Drop Shadow

Delete White Layer
Merge Visible
Drop Shadow
Crop off any extra space you don't want
Add your Copyright

I added my name using two colors from the kit
Using the font Moondance one font

Save as a Png and you are done!

I would love to show off tags made doing this tutorial just
send them to me and I will put them up.


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for using my kit and for my gorgeous tag xxx

    1. Your welcome and Thank you for the gorgeous freebies..