Friday, August 5, 2011

CharRose Terms of USE

Tutorial terms

1. DO NOT Hotlink under any circumstances.......

2. If you are a group owner you are welcome to TEXT LINK ONLY to my tuts..If you do link to them would love a note stating you did but this is not mandatory..... You can leave a note on my blog or just a quick email or even on this board.

3. I supply supplies if I can. If I do not supply it than I am not allowed to. If I supply something that is not allowed to be shared. Please let me know by emailing me at the email at bottom of this page.

4. Do not use my tuts to make money or profit from them. The tutorials I write are written by me and not copied in any way shape or form. Please respect me and do not misuse my tutorials..... DO NOT copy my tutorials to another site and claim as your own.....

5. Everything on this site that I offer is MADE by ME..... I did not copy or take from anyone else.

6. Do not share my mask, scraps or other goodies without giving me credit of where you got it from.
SCRAP KITS USE: If you use my scraps or blings please remember to credit me If sharing. Please do not take credit for my work. You are welcome to share the scraps or blings But please do not pass around and share without giving me credit.. When using in a tag no credit is needed in the scraps and blings.. Unless they are used without a artist tube.
All things in my Scrap Kits are made by me Charlotte Brown. I have not copied from any other source. You may use my kits for Personal Non-Profit use ONLY!!! Please do not use parts or pieces of my kits to make new kits. Tutorial writers are welcome to use my kits in tutorials but please give me credit for the kit and a link to where they can see more of my stuff would be appreciated......Do not rip apart or claim as your own. Please leave file names and terms in tact when sharing. No credit required on Tags when used with another artist work.....
Terms included in kits as well. Please do not remove terms when sharing.

My Masks Terms

If you use my mask I only ask you don't pass it around........ If anyone ask where you got it please send them here........... All my mask start with CB_ and than the name of the mask........... Please do not change file names......

Tutorial writers may use my mask and supply them with their supplies just please link to where you got the mask from......

CharRoses Pixels Terms of use
I am new to pixels but love making them.
They are time consuming but loads of fun.
Please read and follow my terms of use below.

DO NOT upload to a Pay to use site and do not share in a pay to use site. DO NOT Copy and paste my examples. Please just text link to the examples.
DO NOT rip my pixels apart and claim as your own. If the pixels are made in layers than you may move and arrange layers as you wish but do not tear each image apart.
DO NOT use my pixels to make a profit of any kind. I am offering them free to use and they should remain that way.
I have drawn these in psp One pixel at a time. If a Group owner wishes to use my pixels for challenges and etc that is fine. If you wish to upload it to your server for your members to download all I ask is that you let me know at the email at the bottom of this page. Otherwise just link directly to the pixel to be used.
Please keep orginal file names in tact.....

Apply to all finished Pixels

If sharing Please include below
Please let people know where you found me.

Need to contact me send a Private Message

Some of my older stuff has old URLS on it please correct if sharing...... Any questions just ask....

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