Monday, September 5, 2016

CT-PTU Fall Colors Tutorial

Scrap kit by: TADD Twin Angel Devil Designs Available at the Following Stores Digi Graphics DesignsPics for Design, and Sensibility Scrapping

I am using a the art of Stan Dudin Available at Picsfordesign HERE

Font I used was Autumn Whispers get it HERE

Resizing and settings may be different. Please resize and use 
settings according to what you are happy with as each program can be different.

Drop shadow used thru out is Vertical and Horizontal 2, Opacity 75, Blur 5 and Color Black.

Make it your own.... 

Lets get started

New Image 600 by 600

Open Element 84
Copy and paste as a new layer onto working image
Move towards the top

Copy and paste your tube resize as needed
Lay her along the bottom of Element 84
drop shadow tube and Element

Using Freehand tool draw around the outer most of element 84.
This is hard to explain we are going to copy a paper into it
so look at my example to see an example of it.

New raster Layer- Open paper 20
Copy and paste into selection
Select none

Open Element 50
Copy and paste under all layers place under tube like
she is laying on it. 

Open Element 36
Copy and paste onto working image
Mirror (this depends on your tube see my image for what I am
going for).
Resize 60% see my tag for placement
Sharpen and Drop shadow

Open Element 98
Copy and paste onto working image
Resize 40% Place along top of image
Drop Shadow

Delete white bottom layer if you have one
Merge visible
Crop excess if need be
Drop shadow
Add copyright

Add your Name
For my name I used Autumn Whispers font.
I gave it a basic Eye candy Glass effect
and a Basic Eye Candy Glow effect 
than the basic Drop shadow

save as a PNG and you are done.
I would love to see what you do if you do this tutorial.
Thanks for trying it.

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