Wednesday, September 21, 2016

CT-PTU Spookalicious Tutorial

**Scrap kit used by LoisD called Spookalicious





**Tube by ©Maryline Cazenave available at CDO HERE

**Template made by me get HERE Free

**Font used was Chalk Marks found HERE

Resizing and settings may be different. Please resize and use 
settings according to what you are happy with as each program can be different.

Drop shadow used thru out is Vertical and Horizontal 2, Opacity 75, Blur 5 and Color Black.

Make it your own.... 
Lets get started

Open the Pumpkin Template
New Raster Layer on working image
Open Paper 2
Paste into selection on the new layer
Effects-3D Effects-Inner Bevel with below settings
Select none

Open Element 33
Resize to your liking view my image to see you want it to
fit behind the 2 eyes.

Open Element 3
On the template the orange layer
Selections-Select all-Selections-Float
New Raster Layer and Copy and paste into Selection

Open Paper 5
On template Magic wand in the middle of the nose. Selections-Modify-Expand 4
New raster layer Place layer under template layer
Paste into selection

Repeat above on the Mouth!

On Mouth and Nose Layer add noise
Dot in Uniform and Noise 50
and Monochrome NOT checked

Open Element 28
Resize around 50% See my image
Place at base of Stem
Drop Shadow

Open Element 21
Copy and paste to image resize to a small
spider and place in 4 random spots on the web
See my image for an example.

Copy and paste your tube Resize to your liking
and place to the left of the image
Drop Shadow

Open Element 5
Copy and paste resize around 50% place to the
right of the image
and Drop shadow

Delete the white layer
Crop off Excess
Merge Visible
Drop shadow

Add your copyright.

I used Chalk mark text with a small Eye candy
gradient glow and drop shadow

save as a PNG and your done!

I would love to see what you do.... 

Tags by Sharon CT Tut Tester

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