Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CT-PTU Tutorial Diabla

CT-PTU Tutorial Using a kit by Designs by Joan Called Diabla Collab Its part of the Diabla Collab available at  Scraps N Company

Tube is by Stan Duddin available at Pics for design

I used FFVortex font and can't find it anywhere for free.

Drop shadow used thru out is Vertical and Horizontal 2, Opacity 75, Blur 5 and Color Black. Twice I used White rather than black. 

Make it your own.... 
Open Element 35
Copy and paste and resize 80%
Place about middle 
Select middle with Magic Wand
Selections-Modify-Expand 8
Open Paper 2
New Raster Layer on working image
Copy and Paste into selections
Place under element 35
Select none.

Open element 44
Copy and paste resize 60% and again at 70%
Drop shadow with white rather than black

Open element 75
Copy and paste resize 50%
Place lower right and drop shadow with white rather than black

Open Element 77
Copy and paste resize 50%
Place under Devil 
Move towards top

Open element 14
Copy and paste Resize 50%
Move to bottom
Drop Shadow

Open element 39
Copy and paste resize 70% and again at 70%
Move to right side
Duplicate and mirror and move this to the left side
Drop shadow both

Add your tube Resize and place to the left
drop shadow

Delete the white background

Crop and resize to your liking.
Add your copyright information
and your name..
I used the font FFVortex with a Eye candy glow

Save as  PNG and you are done..

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